Starting at the foundation

In-season or off-season, injury prevention starts at the foundation. We've worked with professional athletes in the NFL and NBA to build strong foundations of movement and muscular stability.



harder better faster stronger

A key element of the Lagree Fitness Method is increasing muscular endurance. By focusing on slow-twitch muscle fibers, Lagree.....

build up what's been torn down

Professional athletes spend all season tearing up their bodies. High impact drills and play take their toll. In the off-season, it's crucial to carefully rebuild and strengthen the body in such a way that remains high intensity and effective,  but is essentially low impact.


For those with the full-size Megaformer, these classes offer high-intensity routines that make you feel like you're right back in studio.



Have a VersaClimber and finding your routines are getting stale? Try our 30-minute VERSA classes and amp up your next climb.


"You don't need more time. You need more intensity." - Sebastien Lagree

The Lagree Fitness Method and Megaformer equipment were created to provide an intense full body workout in just 45 minutes. At Fyre, our Lagree certified instructors make you burn, sweat, and shake your way to a better body. Give us two weeks and we guarantee Mega results.

We call it getting LIT - Lagree Intensity Training. This low impact, high intensity workout targets slow twitch muscles and intertwines the cardio elements you need to achieve real results. Physical fitness is made up of five basic elements: Cardio, Strength, Endurance, Body Composition, and Flexibility. Where many workouts and exercise regimens work to integrate as many of these elements as possible, Lagree Fitness™ meets all the elements to physical fitness; not just in 1 session but in each and every move.

Slow and controlled movements ensure your muscles are doing the work, not momentum. Combine that with effective resistance, range of motion, duration, and you've got the fitness industry's most complete and efficient workout.

The Versa

In keeping with our "High Intensity, Low Impact, Ultra-Efficient" philosophy, we added the ultimate total-body cardio machine - the VersaClimber.

VersaClimber is the perfect cardio complement to strength training on the Megaformer. Just minutes on the Versa gets your heart rate soaring for a more effective calorie burn.

Climbing feels right, and there’s a reason why: it’s a motion the human body evolved to make. Versa aligns your spine and engages all major muscle groups, with zero-impact. The natural movement makes for a uniquely challenging workout that delivers results.

Unlike other fitness machines, the Versaclimber doesn’t retain momentum, meaning you earn every foot of elevation you climb. This why the Versa burns nearly twice as many calories as other cardio routines.


Strapped for time? Get maximum calorie burn in minutes with our 30-minute full-body VersaClimber class - Versa 30.


Or make it a combo. While the Mega focuses on strength training and slow twitch muscle fiber activation, the Versa targets cardiovascular elements and fast twitch fibers. Get the best of both worlds in our 50-minute Mega + Versa combo classes.

First Timer?

What You Need to Know


If you are Megaformer or VersaClimber newbie, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled class so we can introduce you to the equipment and the method.

New Clients will not be allowed to participate in class if they arrive less than 5 minutes before class start.


Don't forget that H2O! Drink water before, during and after your Fyre workout.  Forgot your water or emptied your bottle?  No worries, we have a filtered water station. Please also bring a towel if you prefer to have one.


We don't want you slipping during that Super Lunge. As a result, grip socks are required for all Megaformer classes. Don't own a pair? No problem. Grip socks are available for purchase at the studio.

Athletic shoes are required for 30-minute VersaClimber classes.


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