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Is this Pilates?

We love Pilates, but this ain't it. While the Lagree Fitness Method and Megaformer equipment utilize some elements of Pilates, this is a much higher intensity workout with cardiovascular elements.

Is Fyre for anyone?

YES! Men and women of all fitness levels can benefit from training at Fyre. The low impact nature of the Megaformer and VersaClimber workouts minimizes unnecessary stress on the joints and makes it perfect for those who may be rehabbing injuries. Don't get us wrong, the workout is nothing short of intense, so there will be an initial adjustment period, but stick with it and the results will speak for themselves.

Should my first class be a private session?

There is no need to schedule a private lesson, unless of course you want to! As with anything new, there will be an adjustment period as you learn the lingo, but our instructors are trained to work with your ability level. The adaptability of the Megaformer is unparalleled, making it a workout that truly is for all fitness levels. Be patient, stay focused, and get ready to become addicted!

If you suffer from chronic back pain, painful joints, or a severe medical condition, we recommend an initial private lesson to assess your fitness level and prescribe modifications.

How do I purchase sessions?

Fyre Fitness utilizes MindBody for purchases and booking. To purchase sessions, simply create an account via the Find/Buy Classes link on our website. All classes must be prepaid. NOTE: We do not accept cash.

How often should I come to class?

For best results, we recommend 2-3 classes a week. This will provide maximum benefit, while still allowing for proper rest and recovery. Those muscles need time to heal and rebuild!

How early should I show up for class?

Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your scheduled class. If it’s your first time at Fyre, please arrive 15 minutes early. New Clients MUST arrive at least 5 minutes before class start or participation will be denied and class credits will not be refunded. This is to ensure safety and allow enough time for instructors to provide tutorials of equipment.

How long is class?

We offer multiple class formats to fit every schedule:

  • Megaformer classes are 45 minutes.

  • Versa 30 classes are 30 minutes. (Trust us. It's plenty.)

  • Mega + Versa classes are 50 minutes.

Where will I put my personal belongings?

There are cubbies in the studio for your belongings and each machine also has trays to hold small personal items such as your keys and cell phone .

What should I bring to class?

  • Wear breathable clothes that you can move in.

  • Grip socks are required to ensure a safe workout and clean machines. These are available for purchase at the studio.

  • Athletic shoes are required for 30-minute VersaClimber Classes.

  • Please bring water. We have a filtering station you can use to refill your water bottles.

  • Towels are available at the studio, but feel free to bring your own if you prefer.


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